Prelude When Butterflies Close their Eyes in Autumn Shadows  for oboe 2002

The prelude was created by the request of the oboist Robertas Beinaris specially for “III Liutauras Vėbra International Oboe Competition “which was dedicated to memory of tragically killed oboist Liutauras Vėbra. Solo composition reflects the transience as well as fragility feelings. The piece is the most suitable to be performed at the places like church, in which the echoes of separate sounds provide a listener an opportunity to make a “conversation” with travellers of the ulterior world. 

Prelude The Moon was Crying in a Dream and I was Far Away for alto and pianoforte, 2005 (2014)

The miniature creates a voluntary and a painful goodbye for good impression. Only the observation and cognition, elongation and glow are left alone when two silhouettes progressively move away in the time and distance corridors.  

Queja for choir, 2002 (2012), text by A. Storni

One of the most important and interesting in her tragical fate and personal dramas’ outbursts Argentinian modernist and poetess Alfonsina Storni (1892-1938) became a discovery and a source of inspiration for the choral music piece Queja (En. Complaint) suddenly realizing and feeling that through the perfectly knit thoughts not disclosing too much of personal ones, it is still possible to wreak the accumulation of the same emotions.