Sophie Makes Music (2011), text by Karolina Rybačiauskaitė & Zita Bružaitė, after Geoffroy De Pennart's Sophie macht Musik

The Wedding of Spider  (2007), composed after the poem of the same name by Just. Marcinkevičius

The Wedding of Spider (1997) composed after the poem of the same name by Just. Marcinkevičius)

Mermaid (1997), libretto by Ramutė Skučaitė after Friedrich de la Motte-Fouque


Winds (2014) for wind orchestra

 Awaiking (2014) for viola & symphony orchestra

Nocturne (2013) for string orchestra

Der feierliche Marsch (2007) for soprano, male choir & symphony orchestra (text by Georg Trakl)

Retro koncerto (2005) for piano solo & string orchestra

The Other Shore  (2005) for violin & string orchestra

Hackers’Dance (2005) for wind orchestra

Laterna Magica (2003) for symphony orchestra

Song of Ages (1997) for soprano, mixed choir, saxophone, symphony orchestra & tape (text by

Jorge Manrique, Pilypas Ruigys, Paul Verlaine, Robert Herrick, Thomas Wyatt)
Cloud’s Sister (1996) for mixed choir & & string orchestra (text by

 Silvija Laurenčikaitė)

Ignis fatuus (1994) for symphony orchestra

Autumn Impression (1993) for string orchestra

Large Ensembles

Lumen Fidei (2013) for countertenor, tenor, bass,  saxophone,  brass wind ensemble, percussion, organ, mixed choir, synthezizer or tape

Lied (2011) for soprano, female choir, flute, woodwind quintet, piano (text by Rainer Maria Rilke)

Sonnet – I (2011) arrangament for flute, trumpet, trombone, violin, contrabass, percussion, piano, tape

Fading dance (2003) for wind ensemble, piano, bass guitar

Tato (2003) for traditional Lithuanian instruments

Bluesmania (2002) for soprano, trumpet, double woodwind quintet

Seven Visions and Lullaby (2006) for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, timpani, trumpet, trombone, piano, string quartet

Aurora (2009) for clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, cello, contrabass

Estampida (2008) for flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, viola, cello

Kanklė‘s Dreams (2008) for traditional Lithuanian string instruments

Hi, Visby, Hi! (2004) for woodwind quintet & string quartet

Divertismentas (1999) for flute, clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano, string quartet, contrabass

Bagatelles (1998) for voice, flute, xylophone, piano, string quartet (text by Lithuanian folk)

Chamber Ensembles

Colors (2014) for oboe, bassoon & piano

Solen (2014) for flute, viola, cello & piano

Milky Way (2012) for violin, viola, cello & piano

Cum Spe (2011) for flute, violin, cello & piano

Stillness (2011) for four saxophone

Aria (2010) for flute, viola & piano

Twosomes (2010) for trumpet & organ

Aurora (2009) for viola & piano

In monte Oliveti (2009) for string quartet

On the Way  (2009) for trombone & piano (version for saxophone & piano)

Dreams (2009) for flute, oboe, bassoon, bells, guitar & piano

Sonnet VI (2006) for clarinet, violin & piano (versions for various instruments)

Green Romance (2006) for flute, trombone & piano

Dance in Blue (2006) for string quartet

Dance in Re(d) (2005) for flute, clarinet, cello & piano

The Moon was crying in a dream, and I was far away... (2005) for viola & piano

Mosaic II (2005) for string quartet

Sonnet IV (2005) for violin, cello & piano

At a Gallop (2004) for two pianos & percussion

Hi, Haydn! (2004) for two oboes (or two flutes), bassoon & harpsichord (piano)

Caccia (2004) for bassoon & piano

Sonnet I (2003) for flute, violin, cello & marimba

Impro – visia (2002) for trombone & piano

Miniatures of Four Modes /Lydian, Dorian, Phrygian, Mikslodydian/ (2001) for violin & piano (version for violin & string orchestra)

Con – textum (2001) for four saxophone

Novelette (2000) for clarinet & piano

Venezia (2000) for cello & piano

Burlegy (1998) for clarinet & piano

All Souls' Day (1997) for Lithuanian traditional instruments

Mosaic I (1997) for string quartet

Spout (1995) for string quartet

Without Shadows (1993) for three recorder flutes & harpsichord

Vocal – Instrumental  Ensembles

Canción (2013) for mezzo-soprano, violin, cello  & piano  (text by Nicolás Guillén)

Ich sag, der Sommer ist nie... (2012) for soprano & piano  (text by Anonym)

Farewell (2012) for soprano, flute, viola, piano/harpsichord (text by Maironis)

Du bist mein (2011) for baritone & organ (text by Anonym)

Birth of the Song  (2010) for voice & symphony orchestra (text by Henrikas Radauskas)

Evening at Noon (2009) for mezzo-soprano & piano (text by Viktoras Rudžianskas)

Sonnet VII Winter’s Tale (2007) for soprano & piano (text by Henrikas Radauskas)

Sonnet V A Cristo crucificado (2006) for soprano, flute, viola & harpsichord (text by Anonym)

Sonnet III Alla Luna (2004) for soprano, oboe & piano (text by Giacomo Leopardi)

Sonnet II Rain Loves Me (2003) for soprano, piano & string quartet (text by Aurimas Dačiola)

Tristichs (1998) for soprano, metallophone & piano (text by Sigitas Geda)

La luna (1996) for soprano, contrabass, piano &  percussion (text by Jorge Luis Borges)

Triolets(1995) for baritone & piano (text by Vytautas Mačernis)


Green Dove  (2014) for mixed choir (text by Lithuanian folk)

Dawn (2014) for mixed choir (liturgical text)

Did the Winds Blow (2011) for mixed choir (text by Lithuanian folk)

Choir Suite (2006) for mixed choir & piano (text by Lithuanian folk)

Rosy Exression (2004) for violin & mixed choir (text by Zita Bružaitė)

White Impression (2002) for violin & mixed choir (text by Zita Bružaitė)

Queja (2002/2012) for mixed choir (text by Alfonsina Storni)

Inventio (2002) for mixed choir (text from funeral verses of the students of Academia Vilnensis 16th ct.)

Unrecorded Song (2001) for mixed choir (text by Marcelijus Martinaitis)

Hymn to the Good Shepherd (2000) for mixed choir (text by Zita Bružaitė)

Sun is Rising (1999) for female choir (text by Lithuanian folk)

What a Match (1999) for mixed choir (text by Lithuanian folk)

Missa brevis (1998) for female choir & organ (liturginis tekstas)

Ave Maria (1997) for mixed choir (liturginis tekstas)

Dormant Horses (1997) for mixed choir (text by Sigitas Geda)

Sparrow has been shooted  (1997) for mixed choir (text by Sigitas Geda)

Skylarks (1997) for female choir (text by Sigitas Geda)

Wind was Blowing (1994) for mixed choir (text by Lithuanian folk)

The Sub Has Risen (1994) for mixed choir (text by Lithuanian folk)


Waves (2010) for piano

Triptych (2008) for organ

Dies Solis (2007) for piano

Prelude When butterflies close their eyes in autumn shadows... (2006) for oboe

Prelude ...once i had risen with the dawn and drowned in the sunshine... (2005) for flute

Homage to Frédéric (2004) for piano

Dies Iovis (2003) for piano

Dies Martis (2002) for piano

Dies Lunae (1998) for piano


Complete List of Works